Customer Service Representative Performance Review

This self appraisal form is to review your performance in your current ROLE for the past 1 month and see how you can improve on it.

The goal of this STAFF APPRAISAL is to give YOU and the Management of Shoppyrex the opportunity to discuss their achievements over the past week/month and to highlight strengths and skills acquired over the period. It also gives a fair assessment from the employees point of view and an in-depth understanding to the manager of team member achievements throughout the cycle.

Make sure your reviews are honest and genuine

About Shoppyrex:

Shoppyrex is an online Ecommerce store that helps individual, groups solve different problems, achieve their desire, stay happy and fulfilled by providing physical product that cater for their needs

We’ve helped thousands of people from different African nation(Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Benin, Togo, Rwanda)  solve problems

Our business isn’t built on page views, likes or venture funding. 

We’re 100% funded by helping our customers

That means we have to pick products that solve problems — and deliver it to them — so that our customers will happily open up their wallets and pay for our solutions.

Our Vision – To become the go to online E-commerce company in Africa for  Quality & Problem Solving Physical products that will make our customers happy, safe and pain free

Our Mission – To provide Problem solving, entertaining and lifestyle Physical products and solutions to our customers whilst using New media Advertising platform, different marketing strategy and Fast distribution channel to connect them to the solution and get them to take up offers that makes them happy,solves their problem & eradicate their pain

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Solving hard problems also drives us in our marketing strategies, editorial process, and technical infrastructure.